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Updates, what are those?

So sue my broke arse, I'm a new mom. I can't update, I'm feeding the Lizard.

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Name:Abby Normal
Birthdate:Mar 25
Location:United States of America

Stuff I know about me:

1.) I'm very very liberal. The only reason I'm not a socialist is that I quite like the shiny things money can buy. But I fully believe that everyone should be helping everyone else and that we can only really work as a society if we all advance as a whole. I hate the idea that you can only be wealthy if you are a miser & that the reason we have poverty is because the poorest want to stay poor or are just too lazy. I also believe that war happens mainly when we all give up on listening to others and stop trying to get along.

2.) I like watching things blow up. Most of my fave movies & tv shows involve explosions. There's just something nice about watching those huge, red & golden, ZOMG-how'd-they-not-die scenes. I also like watching people getting beat up. Go figure.

3.) I loathe Microsoft.

4.) I wish I knew code. I can read xml & xhtml, but if I wanted to actually code, forget it. I know enough that I can look at code at work & say, 'that's not right', & enough that I can clean up in Dreamweaver, but I can't write a guestbook, counter, or figure out how to get my menus to look who they do in my head.

5.) I love color. Like seriously, I have like six bookmarks in Delisous just for color. My fave widget is Color Burn, I love my iColor app. You cannot get me to name a favorite color. I love them all. My best birthday gift was a color wheel. I have tins of crayons & markers & pencils.

6.) I'm the only person I know in real life who blogs. I also tweet. I do not do Facebook, My Space, or mmorpgs. Facebook jumped the shark when my mom friended me, I've never liked My Space, & I just don't like the few mmorpg's available for mac. I prefer a good Japanese RPG or a puzzle game. So you won't find me linking to anyone I see everyday unless it's a photo or something.

7.) I love Dick Grayson. I watched Teen Titans for him. He makes the DC universe for me. He is the only reason I ever watched any Batman cartoons & read the comics. It might be because my first comic book boyfriend was Peter Parker & Dick is an extension of the love of geeks. But then again, Dick wasn't so much a geek as the one sane member of the Gotham super family. You can make an argument for Alfred being sane (& I adore Alfred too,) but Al's not all there. Otherwise, Bruce would have gotten lots more therapy rather than a mask.

8.)I love the internet.
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